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Leo Wilson

About Me

I'm a nerd who occassionally codes things.

Throughout my time as a programmer, I've worked with a diverse set of languages and technologies. After discovering Svelte and quickly realizing how much I prefer it to other web frameworks, I decided to once again rewrite my website.

A long-time enthusiast of open-source software, I use Linux on a daily basis; most of my time is spent in Arch and Pop!_OS. Whenever possible, I use free/libre alternatives to proprietary programs.

From slide rules to fountain pens, I also quite enjoy using traditional technology, a much-needed break from the modern world.

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Featured Projects

Personal Website

GitLabSvelteKit, TypeScript, Kubernetes

The current iteration of my personal website embraces modern web technologies and makes use of the design and typography techniques I've learned so far.


GitLabSvelteKit, TypeScript, Go, PostgreSQL, Kubernetes

Designed for my high school robotics team, AZtendance tracks members' attendance at meetings and compiles the data to be read by team leadership.


GitLabLinux Shell, Age

This simple script allows users to edit files and easily encrypt them at rest with Age.

Support Me

If you want to support me and my various projects, the best way to do so is via my Ko-fi page.